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these songs, with the exception of police state, were written over the last few years but didn't really fit for my former band, Just Animals. with some spare time and my laptop i decided to record them and release them.

thanks for checking them out, i hope you like them.

thanks very much to my family and friends for supporting my various projects, coming out to shows, and of course, staying up late and sharing stories and laughs over whiskey and beers. i love you all.


released September 1, 2012

written, performed, recorded and engineered by tyler maheu.



all rights reserved


FRAUD Tempe, Arizona



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Track Name: Highs & Lows
i feel like i'm a million miles tall
still i'll never influence all the change that i want
up here the air is so cold that the birds fly low
this atmosphere is my own
like my thoughts and my values and my soul

some days the stars never fade and the moon stays in place
and the dawn stays away
it's like the tides here my call and know for what i long
just can't reach close enough
i can hear them swelling up from a far

there's times the mail don't come for days
and i don't hear a thing
but the ruts and the scrapes
quiet streets and a hermit of a me get in rhythm with our beats
and i live peacefully

like the eye of a storm
locked away in the cave
of a mountain never scaled

like a man meeting death
with a glimpse of the past
in a twinkle in his eye

i find joy vibrating in the strings and in a simple kiss
but they're few and far between
i take the lows with the highs
the times that i'm tried with the smiles and the sighs

like a battle on the sea with a beast we can't see
Track Name: Wage Slave
passing time on the clock every day of my life
wear the outfit, play the part but
refuse to accept the truth

i am a wage slave

i do not live this land
my home home was fabricated by man
by a man that was not me

i live in his vision of what a home should be
but refuse to adopt it as my own

these feet evolved for walking
but walk they do not
how could they
when the majority of my days are spent sitting

if i must go, i drive

i am a contradiction
i am a hypocrite
how dare i believe the things that i do
while i live the life i live

i know of no other option
i dream of a different tomorrow

but today, today i am just a wage slave
Track Name: Farms
never been too good at holding a grudge
sometimes it all gets to be too much
when i set sail i'm never looking back
who am i kidding?
these are just hard words coming from a soft man

when we set out to find our farm
will we look on to new adventure
will we embrace new challenges
or will we look right back to the way things were
when we never had a care never had to work
is it wrong to long for an easier time
when we never had a worry never cared about the dime
i don't think so. i don't think so.

'cause one day we'll all be laying in
a bed designed for the dying to die in
and all we'll have are these memories
of the days in the past that held everything
still we held our heads high, pressed into the night
couldn't see what layed ahead progressed anyway
when the dawn came upon we'd settled down
to our new lives and our new selves
Track Name: The Middle
on nights like this you're laying next to me
you're tucked away, and you're sound asleep
my eyes won't close as i'm watching over you
your ghost hasn't left my bed since we've been through

we're too young to give up
too old to give in
but there's a place for you to stay
should you make it back to arizona

this town no longer beats its heart for you
you packed up and shipped out, the sky stopped shining through
there are better days on the horizon
there's a chance you'll make it back someday
Track Name: Police State
we live in a police state
if you think anything's changing you're dead wrong

zeppelins fly high in the hot desert sky
you'd never know it but they use these things to provide
all the intel they can gather as they're building their case
they watch you while you drive while you sleep and romance
only you can't hear the shutter, can't see the flash
they gather up your photo, no release no advance
you can't cross their gates, their secrets they keep, your life's an open book for all their agents to see

so you better carry 'round all your papers, i.d.s
the coppers on the streets have got a license to see
if you fail to prove your status during routine checks
it's the slammer overnight for you and all of your friends
and if you dare to speak your mind over private phone lines
if you get a little lippy in electronic mail
they'll collect all of your data, throw it back in your face
they're looking for a hint for a clue for a trace

but it doesn't exist, your privacy doesn't exist
their hint doesn't exist, your privacy doesn't exist

it's a fucking joke, your privacy is a bad joke